TGWP Episode 051: Geeking Out with Mikey The Maker and Ed “Shapeoko” Ford

TGWP Episode 051: Geeking Out with Mikey The Maker and Ed “Shapeoko” Ford

This week on The Green Woodworker Podcast, Episode 051, I have not one but two awesome guests. Mikey The Maker and Ed Ford, inventor of the Shapeoko line of CNC machines. These guys along with Kyle Stumpenhorst (episode 009) have there own podcast named If You Build it. Definitely a must listen to podcast. Mike is a software consultant and loves what he does on a daily basis but he also loves his new found hobby of woodworking. It’s hard for me to believe that he’s only been woodworking for a year. His attention to detail and knowledge already are very impressive. I look forward to seeing what he will do in the future, that’s for sure.

Then there’s Ed! Ed Ford, as I stated before, is the mind behind the Shapeoko line of CNC machines. After wanting a CNC for himself and not really seeing a good solution out there for the average person, Ed designed the Shapeoko. I have one of Ed’s machines and I must tell you it’s very solid. It’s well thought out and does everything I’ve asked of it so far. I was very surprised about how well packed and put together it was when I received it. It was pretty much assembled and only took me a few hours before I was cutting my first part. I actually have previous CNC experience from building a machine a few years ago. It was made from 80/20 aluminum and had some pretty high dollar parts. I ended up with about 6k in this machine and wasn’t happy at all. That’s why when I received the Shapeoko, I was very surprised by how solid it was.

Both of these awesome fellas are a big part of the maker community, especially on Instagram. Mikey has over 35K followers and continues to inspire us each day with the tips and tricks he’s learned in his short woodworking life. Ed, with over 20K followers has an outlook on things that definitely makes me think about things a little more than before I knew him. He’s straight forward and says what he means. I like how he approaches the building process. According to Ed, “building is the easy part”. He knows that the daily hustle and staying motivated is where it’s at. I love how he explained whether things are hectic or not for himself, “I know if I’m making stuff, things are generally balanced”.

Episode 051 with these two has been one of the best conversations I’ve had in awhile. It was good for me to just listen and learn about other people’s ideas and thoughts. I think that’s why I love hosting a podcast so much. The interaction and knowledge I gain from each of my guests. It’s definitely good for the soul.

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