TGWP Episode 062: Jonathan Katz-Moses

TGWP Episode 062: Jonathan Katz-Moses

Dovetails are┬ásynonymous with woodworking, right? Of course, they are. And that’s what drew me to this weeks guest, Jonathan Katz-Moses. You see, I first noticed a few people on YouTube and Instagram playing with this cool new jig. It was a dovetail jig and it looked pretty sweet. It had magnets in it to keep the saw blade at the perfect angle. It was designed like this so your body and mind would learn the correct way to hold the saw and in return cut the perfect dovetail.

Well, not until recently did I discover that the inventor of the said jig was also a pretty good woodworker and YouTuber as well. I started following Jonathan on all the social media outlets I could find. That’s when I knew I needed to reach out and get him on the podcast for an episode.

It was such a pleasure hearing about all the different businesses and jobs Jonathan has been through over the years including a Christmas lights installation business. Many don’t know, but for many years, I had a pretty large animated Christmas light display. It was a year-long hobby that consumed my every waking minute. Before I knew it, traffic and time constraint lead me to shut down the display. It was a sad day, but I’m happy to say that my true passion of being a podcast host, YouTuber, and woodworker was found shortly after and I haven’t looked back.

With all that being said. make sure you check out this episode, number 062 and head over to and sign up so you can listen to the after show. Jonathan talks about a crazy incident that changed his life forever.

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This weeks mentions: Jay Bates, Mark Spagnuolo, Matt Cremona, William NG, David Picciuto, Bob Clagett, Jimmy DiResta, Matt Carriker, Dustin Penner, Chris Salomone, Will Walker, James Wright, Taeho Hwon

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