TGWP Episode 067: Tiff from Staying Inside the Grey

TGWP Episode 067: Tiff from Staying Inside the Grey


Let me tell you about Tiff from Stay Inside the Grey on Instagram. Not only is Tiff one of the most talented people I know, she’s also hands down the nicest! Tiff’s heart is full of giving and happiness. A while back Tiff went through some pretty ruff crap and it’s a miracle she’s still alive. The facts of what happened are not the important part of the story. It’s what Tiff has done with herself after the fact that’s the important part. You see, Tiff has found a community of friends on Instagram. A making community to be exact. This community is strong and supportive of all it’s family no matter the situation. Once you become a part of this family, you never want to leave and definitely miss it while your away. The reason I talk about this maker community so much is because Tiff is one of the biggest parts of it. Weather she’s up or down, Tiff is there to lend you a hand or smile or one of her #sneakyshopshenanigans.

While finding woodworking was a big benefit for Tiff to help her through life’s challenges, it allowed us to find Tiff. I for one am very thankful to have such a supporter and friend on my side to cheer me on.

Now head over to Tiff’s Instagram feed and check out all the awesomeness she’s learned over the last year. She has worked with wood, metal, glass, and many other mediums to create some really cool pieces I’d be happy to own.

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