TGWP Episode 069: Wendy- Pursuit of HappyMess

TGWP Episode 069: Wendy- Pursuit of HappyMess

If I were to describe episode 069 guest Wendy Vollans in one word, that word would beĀ selflessness. You see, the first time I met Wendy was on Instagram. I was helping a maker initiative called The Sweet Stash do an auction and Wendy was basically bidding on everything she could. It wasn’t an arrogance, it was from the heart and I could some how tell that. For most of the night I mispronounced her Instagram handle not realizing it said “happymess”, not happyness!

After that night I started following Wendy and it became very clear that my assumptions were correct. Wendy is a very big part of the maker community. She does things behind the scenes and that tells me that she’s not in it for the recognition, she’s in it because she wants to be the best person she can be.

Not only is Wendy a great person, she’s an incredibly talented maker as well. She does woodowrking, woodcarving, epoxy work, and anything else she feels like tackling. She’s an all around inspiration to me and many other.

So please head over to Wendy’s Instagram and give her a follow today. Tell her TGWP sent ya!

Mentions in episode 069: Tiff- Staying Inside the Grey, Lovingly ImPerfect Utensils, Meadows Woodshop

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