TGWP Episode 079: Chad Stanton

TGWP Episode 079: Chad Stanton

Have you ever heard of “The Big Chopperoo?” If you haven’t you’re missing out. Chad Stanton aka The Big Chopperoo and his cohort Safety Dan have had a video series on YouTube for a number of years. Most of the time a little corny, but always informative and insightful.

You see, Chad was looking for a new way to share and teach his passion for woodworking. He knew that humor was always a good way to get a point across. Many years later, Chad has changed a few things including the way he teaches. His knowledge has definitely grown along the way as has his portfolio. Chad has taught many classes and written a number of articles for some of the nations top woodworking magazines.

Chad has several new shows on YouTube and is currently putting the finishing touches on a workshop that will also dub as a school for those that want to further their woodworking knowledge.

Be sure to visit Chad’s website so you can keep up with upcoming class schedules. Also visit Chad on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can also find Chad and Safety Dan on

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