TGWP Episode 091: Tony Rouleau

TGWP Episode 091: Tony Rouleau




I’m super excited to be able to chat with such a talented craftsman this week for episode 091. Tony Rouleau is a machinist with over twenty years under his belt making some of the coolest stuff around. In recent years, Tony has been making insanely beautiful custom woodworking tools. Tools that look more like high polished jewelry that you wouldn’t want to use. But rest assured, the day I put my hands on a new double square, it will get used.

For those that don’t know, Tony batches out small amounts of double squares, infill block planes, and soon to be bevel gauges. I can’t say enough how beautifully made these tools are, The precision and care used while making these tools will land you on a list that fills up pretty quickly! So when you see a listing for his tools on Facebook, jump on it!

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