The Maker Minded 104 – Matt Cremona | Catching Up

The Maker Minded 104 – Matt Cremona | Catching Up

If you’ve listened to the podcast for a while, you know a few things. One, I love pastries, and two, I love Matt Cremona! He’s been such an inspiration since I first saw one of his YouTube videos. He’s without a doubt my top content creator to go to when I need instruction on something I’m building or even when I need an idea. I just thumb through the more than 450 videos he’s put out over the last few years.

Heck, I’m even fortunate enough these days to be able to call Matt a good friend. Once again, one of the main reasons I started this whole podcast journey, to begin with. Sort of selfish I know, but, it is what it is as they say!

Matt Cremona and Donny Carter at WorkbenchCon 2019
WorkbenchCon 2019

As you listen in on my chat with Matt, think about the number of things he’s accomplished in a somewhat short time. Not too many years ago, Matt was terrified to even share his videos on YouTube or any other platform. Now, he’s a staple in the community. It just goes to show, no matter how much you think you’re not good enough, you’re probably wrong!

If you take away anything from my chat with Matt, I think it should be this quote. “Stay focused on the things that fit your goals.” -Matt Cremona

Matt Cremona Sidboard

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Mentioned in this episode: Marc Spagnoulo, Matt Vanderlis, April Wilkerson, Shannon Rogers, Ashley Harwood

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