The Maker Minded 105: Mystery Guest

The Maker Minded 105: Mystery Guest

If you’ve already listed to episode 105 of Maker Minded Podcast, then you’ll understand why I have no idea what to write about. If you haven’t listened then, by all means, please do and this will make much more sense.

Donny Carter 2019

I know for sure I’d like to thank my incredible wife for jumping in and interviewing me for this episode. I really did have a good time chatting with her and I think she did an incredible job. It’s not easy trying to chat with someone and keep the conversation moving along. Especially someone like me. Someone that seems to take over the conversation and lead it to who knows where!

Cherry Wood Vase
Cherry Wood Vase – Donny Carter 2019

I hope everyone enjoyed this episode about, well, me! I feel foolish even typing that, but that’s what it is. So please share if you must and enjoy what I’m sure are better more educational and entertaining future episodes! 🙂

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