The Maker Minded 109: Camille Finan | Remodel Your Life Podcast

The Maker Minded 109: Camille Finan | Remodel Your Life Podcast

This weeks guest is not only a veteran carpenter and cabinet maker,  shes also a podcaster, teacher, and mentor to many women looking to begin a business.

Camille runs an all-female team of builders in California doing mainly kitchen remodels. Even though she’s limiting the number of kitchens and remodels being done these days to pursue her teaching. The team still makes a big impact in the construction trades in the area.

Focusing more on teaching women how to be better business owners, Camille says she is enjoying where life is taking her. Camille also shares lots of insight on her podcast, Remodel Your Life. She talks to businesswomen and entrepreneurs from all walks of life. She even made an exception and had yours truly on for episode 16.

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Mentioned on this episode: Built By Stevie

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