The Maker Minded 110: Michael O’Shaughnessy Williams | Calavera Tool Works

The Maker Minded 110: Michael O’Shaughnessy Williams | Calavera Tool Works

Sometimes you run across a person that you know has the swagger of Prince and the confidence of Michael Jordan. Recently for me, that person is Michael from Calavera Tool Works. I just really dig Michaels personality and sense of humor. He gets it for sure.

Michael and Marvin…

And on top of all that, Michael is a very smart businessman. Having worked at some of the top tool companies in the world. Micheal knows what it takes to be successful. Fortunately for him, he has also learned how to have some fun doing it!

Michaels story is really great. I definitely enjoyed and I hope you do too. On top of his story being great, the handmade products  Micheal offers are also great. His aprons are some of the best on the. business and they are priced so the average person can have quality protection in the shop. And look awesome while doing it! I can’t wait to have one for myself!

Jory Brigham Special

Be sure to check out all the awesome products at Also, go follow Micheal on Instagram and Facebook today!

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