The Maker Minded 111: Brian Lane | Wooden Creationz

The Maker Minded 111: Brian Lane | Wooden Creationz

If you’ve ever wanted a YouTube channel to have great content with a comedic touch, then the Wooden Creationz channel featuring Brian Lane would be that place.

Not only is Brian one of the nicest people I know, he’s one of the most creative. Brian’s in to inventing, lasers, cnc’s, 3d printers and just about anything else a modern-day maker can be in to.

Trust me when I say Brian’s YouTube channel is one you want to subscribe to.

Be sure to visit Brian on his site, Wooden and check him out on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook today!

Mentioned on this episode: Jimmy Diresta, Matt Cremona, April Wilkerson, Bob Clagett, Giaco, Izzy Swan, Bill Lutes, Tim Sway, Mancrafting

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