The Maker Minded 114: JT | DFM Toolworks

The Maker Minded 114: JT | DFM Toolworks

I remember scrolling through Instagram one day and seeing this pretty cool looking grill scraper. It was made from cedar by someone called DFM Toolworks. I’d never seen them before but I was kind of new to Instagram and figured I give them a follow. 

Image 5-21-19 at 7.10 PM

Over time I noticed they started coming out with other cool tools and pieces. The machining videos and posts about all the cool stuff were pretty neat. Turns out DFM Toolworks is owned and operated by JT, an industrial engineer. JT’s mind for design and practical use can be seen in all the products he sells. He wants people to enjoy his tools. He wants his tools to be affordable for everyone. 

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Nowadays I get pretty excited when DFM releases a new product. I know it’s going to be high quality at an affordable price. And that’s good news for me and many other makers across the world.


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