The Maker Minded 115: Eric Gorges | A Craftsman’s Legacy

The Maker Minded 115: Eric Gorges | A Craftsman’s Legacy

Many… many years ago. Back before all the “reality shows” of today. The Discovery channel was on a run of some pretty sweet shows where motorcycle builders headed off against each other. The show was called biker build-off. It was very real and inspiring to me. A few episodes in, there was a young fella from a shop named Voodoo Choppers.

Fast forward a few years as I’m sitting on my sofa flipping through the very few channels we have due to an off-air antenna, and a new show appears on PBS. The show is called A Craftsman’s Legacy. It’s a show about a guy that travels around visiting some pretty talented people. Makers if you will. Of course, I was immediately drawn to the show. How could not be? People are blowing glass, turning bowls, shaping metal, and cutting things on a CNC router to name a few. I definitely never miss an episode!

So… you can imagine my excitement when I reached out to Eric about being on the podcast and he replied. I was super pumped. After a little back and forth we set a time. You see, Eric’s been super busy doing a tour for his new book. And after setting up an interview day, Eric reached out and wanted to send me a book. I was so thrilled. I then asked if I could get one for a giveaway. He graciously said for sure. SO BE SURE TO LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW FOR A CHANCE TO WHEN ERIC’S BOOK.

And if you don’t win or the giveaway has ended, please make sure to grab Eric’s new book, A Craftsman’s Legacy: Why Working with Our Hands Gives Us Meaning today!

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