The Maker Minded 116: Chris Cunningham | Cunningham Wood Work

The Maker Minded 116: Chris Cunningham | Cunningham Wood Work

This week on The Maker Minded Podcast episode 116, I have the pleasure of chatting with my buddy Chris Cunningham fro Cunningham Wood Work. Chris is a family man and business owner working his side hustle most days of the week. He’s been known for some pretty awesome wood mallets for quite a while, but Chris is also an excellent furniture builder.

Chris is also one heck of an Instagramer. He’s grown his following to almost 45k in a very short time. Chris says that consistency and good photos were the keys. He now uses IGTV and video to keep those on Instagram entertained. Chris is also serious about getting his YouTube channel grown and has started adding more videos. Be sure to subscribe!

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Mentioned on this episode: Tabb Adams, Jimmy Diresta, Handmade with Ashley, Calavera Tool, Made for Profit, Travis Harrington, April Wilkerson, Matt MWA, DFM Tool Works

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