The Maker Minded Episode 119: Philip aka Chop | House of Chop

The Maker Minded Episode 119: Philip aka Chop | House of Chop

This weeks guest, Philip, aka Chop, has to be one of the happiest people on the internet. Chop’s always spreading joy, klnoweledge and awesome stories on Instagram. It’s the best I tell you.

Since the second I found Philip on Instagram, I knew I wanted him on the podcast. Not only because of his awesome attitude, but the guy has a pretty sweet Chevelle and pickup truck. I knew he couldn’t be too bad of a guy with sweet rides like that!

In all seriousness, Philip has become a big part of the maker community because of his skill and because of his desire to help out where he can. Like me, Philip knows he has a lot to learn but he also realizes he knows a few things that may be of help to others. So why not share!

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