I live in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. I’m married for 21 years and have an 11-year-old boxer pup named Deuce. My main love is woodturning and small box making. My current lathe is a Jet 1642, but I also have the Nova Comet which is what I started on. I have all the normal shop tools including a table saw and band saw. A few hand planes and chisels for fine work. I currently work in a pretty small area, but really enjoy my time in the shop.

My reason behind The Maker Minded is to talk to people from all areas of making. Some are very popular, some not as much. The one thing they all have in common is hustle! I believe we can all learn from a great mix of personalities and areas of making. It’s my life mission to become a teacher and mentor of woodturning and woodworking as I travel across the US and in my shop here in Mississipi.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to the podcast. It truly means the world to me!